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Nowadays, social networks are one of the most important ways of contact between users and brands. A large percentage of the traffic through websites, e-commerce, apps and others are made by users who enter and use social networks as a main source of communication to find relevant contents.

It is very important to understand that social networks do not sell, they increase the reach of messages if they are of good quality, trustworthy and important for the user. Advertising on Facebook has a great effect, if it is based on a digital strategy.

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    For the most part, clients want our agency to be able to control the contents of their business or product with the intention of having a presence, actuality and contact with their market target , so we sit down to work on developing strategies for Inbound Marketing to meet the objectives of our clients in content management.

    The administration and management of content in social networks require study and research of the industry. Since there are endless diversified by special interests where the industry or interest have multitasked users or followers eager to get valuable information, which demands a detailed and well-structured work to achieve the objectives of each client.

    There are more and more companies that have Internet presence and Social Networks, and this is due to the great potential as a communication channel. Today it is practically imperative that your company has a presence in Social Networks, but it is better not to have presence in networks that cannot be attended than to have a presence just for having it, without strategies or objectives.

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    To have a well-defined Social Media Plan, it is first necessary to define the communication strategy that will be used, the message to be transmitted and the brand image that you want your potential customers to perceive. First, we will analyze the social networks that your potential customers frequently use, next we will choose the most appropriate ones to transmit the message of your company, then we will create the message that will be transmitted and thus we will begin with the presence of your company on social networks.

    We answer and reed all messages on the internet about your company, showing the presence of your company on social networks, generating online reputation. Expand your market share and your database of potential customers with our social media consulting service.


    Understanding the movement of social networks, their birth and conception it is important know that there are places to create and share content, we divide this into 2 types of campaigns:

    Paid through Ads
    Makes or issues communications and is regulated under the guidelines of the brand

    Organic or natural through content
    A profile that allows the brand to enter the life of the user as a friend by developing applications, groups, pages, games, etc.

    SMO or Social Media Optimization is a set of strategies and set of actions carried out in social networks and online communities with an advertising or commercial purpose. Due to the proliferation of social sites, the time that users spend in them and the benefits that it brings in terms of traffic and search engine positioning has acquired great relevance to the companies and experts in digital marketing.

    At ROCWWA we have a specialized and dedicated team in digital marketing, the team aims to support professionals and companies, optimizing and applying the best viral and social marketing strategies for the management of their social networks and communities. We know the trends of the social web, its optimization tools, and productivity to have better advantage of internet resources.

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