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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or web positioning, is intended to help your website appear on the top positions of the results in the search engines, which generates that the web is seen more by the users.

It is important to know that there are a variety of continually changing factors involved in SEO and, for this reason, implementing web positioning strategies has become one of the tools for the success of any page on the internet.

A SEO strategy of web positioning is based on attacking the different factors that influence the search algorithm of the different search engines. Do it the right way, to achieve the best results. The elements that constitute a good positioning strategy are:

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    One of your main goals should be to meet the needs of the user. To achieve this, you need to create content that satisfies the people who make a query in the search engine. In the case, offering a service or a product on your website, focus on finding the doubts generated by the customer of that product, or service, and solve them. Give them answers to their main questions.

    To design an effective SEO strategy, it is also beneficial to know in more depth who your user or client will be. For that, you can do a study by means of surveys and investigations, this will help you to know exactly what is the market of people that you must capture. The importance of this, is that you will have more information to carry out your positioning strategy in the best possible way.


    The idea is to create a quality content that answers all the doubts of the users regarding a topic, service or product. To achieve this, you must thoroughly investigate what is what you are offering and be sure of the information you are publishing.

    The content must be creative, useful and unique. One of the first things you should think about is your clients and how you can help them, after having this clear, you can put into practice the positioning strategies for the information on your web articles. One of them is to use keywords, which you can get by making a keyword research.

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    A keyword research is to search for keywords that are used to rank. These keywords are related to the research you previously did on the subject, service or product that you are promoting on your website. Now that you know the user, you know what their doubts are, and they translate into keyword searches. You must analyze these keywords and study the best ones and introduce them in your web content.


    Before you get to the keyword analysis stage, you need to find them. For that, there are different criteria. The most recommended when choosing the keywords, you will use, are:

    • Number of searches
    • CPC.

    To obtain these metrics you can use several programs available on the web, they are very simple to use and with them you can obtain both your main keyword and others that are relevant to the content you want to create.


    Social networks are tools that you can use to generate greater impact on the SEO of your brand or website. They help you maintain a close relationship between users and create a bond of trust between your website and the public.

    Social networks provoke an interest in the user, which causes them to want to know more about your product or service and enter the web to inquire. This is what links web positioning with social networks, given that the more active presence you have in these networks, the more your website’s SEO will be strengthened and enhanced.

    The traffic created by social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram, is the number of times the news, image or video is viewed on the social network, does not directly influence the positioning of your website. What does impact indirectly, is as already mentioned above, the interest that your publications generate in the topic that you are promoting in the networks and leads people to enter your website and see that content. That is why it is important to create something unique, useful and creative, of high quality, so that users become followers, both information you share, and of the service or product.


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