HTML is a language of labels that is used to create web pages that are accessed through the Internet. These tags serve to encompass certain elements of a website and to assign certain behavior when communicating to the browser, and how to display the content. On the other hand, these pages need to communicate with the part of the server that the user does not see, which serves to manage the information using databases. For this, the PHP programming language is used.

The websites developed with HTML & PHP are very flexible, since they allow the incorporation of diverse actions and elements that can make the site very dynamic and flexible. In addition, they are usually very light and with good loading speed, which will help improve the experience of the user.

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    This language offers us a great adaptability, a logical structure and is easy to interpret both humans and machines. This is because the html language follows a tree scheme where there is a root element and where the rest of the tags are inserted in a logical and structured way. In addition, it is a text file, and you only need an editor such as the notebook to generate an HTML document. The designers of the WWW decided that they had to comply.

    These characteristics are what marked the design of all the elements of the WWW including the programming of Web pages. These characteristics, among others, are the following:


    The Web must be distributed: Information distributed on not very large pages linked together.

    Easy to Use

    The Web must be hypertext and it must be easy to navigate through it.


    It must be compatible with all types of computers and with all kinds of operating systems.


    It must be dynamic: the process of changing and updating the information should be agile and fast.

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    The CSS language (cascading style sheets) is a language that defines the appearance of a document written in HTML language. This is how the elements of the web page created with HTML can be given the desired appearance.

    Using CSS, you can modify colors, spaces between elements, fonts, etc.; all with the intention of separating the structure of the presentation.

    This separation between the structure and the presentation is very important, since it allows that only by changing the CSS the aspect of a web page is completely modified.

    This provides a lot of flexibility and speed as users can use custom style sheets. Through the style sheets we improve web accessibility and the way in which we structure the contents, which is why it helps us to improve the user experience.


    The programming language PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a language used to program scripts on the server side and which are embedded within the HTML code of the page.

    This language has a large library of functions which provide a lot of flexibility to web pages, in addition to being very fast, it improves the loading speed of the sites.

    A server-side language is one that runs on the web server, just before the page is sent over the Internet to the client, the pages that run on the server can perform access to databases, network connections, and other tasks to create the final page that the client will see.

    The client only receives a page with the HTML code resulting from the execution of the PHP. Since the resulting page contains only HTML code, it is compatible with all browsers.

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