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We all seek to be among the first places in the search results and every day the competition grows in all markets, which makes it more difficult to appear in the first places and leads to work a lot in content strategy, SEO and many other factors that they require constant work.

All this takes time to do it naturally or organically, so Google AdWords offers the opportunity to reach the target market that searches every day through its advertising system: Google AdWords.


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    Google advertising can be done through different channels such as Google Search, where ads are promoted when a person does a Google search. Display is a network of affiliate sites that allow you to show your ads through banners within your website. You can also promote your products through Shopping ads which is the appearance of your products in the search results using product image and price among other solutions.

    Making advertising campaigns using Google AdWords has been for some an exit with high costs and low results since doing advertising campaigns in Google requires study, dedication, learning and strategy due to the number of formulas that we must understand to achieve results. Factors such as ad quality, keyword selection, CTR, relevancy, word match type, ad extension, ad group, offer type, location, search network, display, video or shopping among other things makes that the structure of your campaign has a result and cost of efficient or negative cost.


    It has great opportunities if the structure of the campaigns has clear objectives and the destination page optimized to generate leads, sales, activations or other well-established objectives. We are passionate about this wonderful world of digital marketing and campaigns paid at Google that are a great opportunity to increase sales, traffic, activations and others by this very effective means.

    The keywords must be related to the ads, but the most important thing is to effectively assemble and structure the configuration and architecture of the campaign. It is important to put together a strategy and study the competition and understand that competition is not the same in the digital field as in the traditional field. The digital terrain makes each internal page of our site become a URL “Uniform Resource Locator” Uniform Resource Locator who competes independently with other pages one by one and not globally against a website.



    Google AdWords is one of the best ways to launch a new website and generate traffic on existing sites that have had problems gaining traction in search engines. Google is responsible for combining the ads with the websites that your potential customers visit. When the target audience is well defined, this can lead to significant gains in your site traffic and increase the revenue of your business.

    The Google AdWords Campaigns program allows any business to choose a budget for advertising and only pay when someone clicks on the ad. These advertising services depend mostly on keywords. Businesses that use AdWords can create relevant advertising using keywords or keywords that web users use in Google search. If someone responds to your ad, Google users will be redirected to your website.

    The first step is to identify the advertising goals that are sought, which will have to be clear and concise. AdWords uses a complex algorithm, so it is essential to know how to balance your Pay Per Click budget with an appropriate conversion rate CTR (Click Through Rate) which means the number of clicks an ad gets on the number of impressions (times sample). It is always calculated as a percentage and is a metric that is normally used to measure the impact of a digital campaign.

    We analyze:

    • Keyword analysis
    • Analysis of competition by industry, category, location and SEO position.
    • Search analysis
    • Suggested investment in GOOGLE
    • Configuration, activation and management of the campaign
    • Margin on investment

    Are you interested in quoting a Google Ads Campaign for your business?


    This is the most complicated and difficult question to solve since the investment as well as the configuration of the campaign depends on a good investigation of the study and evaluation on the result of the analyzes we do on Keyword analysis, Analysis of competition by industry , category, location and SEO position, Analysis of searches that result in an initial budget that can increase or decrease depending on the quality of the campaign and the response of the competition.

    Competition in the advertising world is fierce, which is why we pay attention to every step of the AdWords process. Before creating an AdWords account, we analyze your business keywords and consult with you to define which ones will work best in your advertising budget. We have the experience in managing AdWords campaigns across many industries. Through our service we can help you succeed and ensure that the investment has the best result in proportion to the investment.

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    At ROCWWA we have extensive experience in the design, execution, optimization and monitoring of advertising campaigns with Google Adwords. Several of our clients have experienced very positive results when hiring Google advertising campaigns with us. If you are interested in knowing how we can help your business to generate more leads or sales opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

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