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Facebook is a very powerful network because it is very popular, however the success of the campaigns is 100% visual, the conversion and sales effect is achieved through campaigns with unique and relevant content.

We do not need to explain what Facebook is, but it is important to explain that Facebook and other social networks have a discovery effect, and this is where the secret of our company is centered.

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    The configuration of the ads is very important, among them we must consider several factors such as the location of the ads and audience segmentation.

    These are some important elements; however, Facebook has a very powerful sales platform which allows you to measure the behavior of users, schedules, devices, ages and many other tools that give you results and reports to measure your “ROI” return investment.

    The most important thing in the platform is to attract users and convert them into customers of your products but you must know how to invade their privacy so that it becomes attractive and non-intrusive.

    The platform is inexpensive and allows low-cost campaigns, but advice before starting allows you to have a large investment and not a huge expense.

    At ROCWWA, we specialize in the creation, optimization and monitoring of Advertising campaigns on Facebook. We can help you from the generation of arts, to audience segmentation, budget optimization and CPC to obtain the best ROI of your budget.

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