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Nowadays, companies take advantage of technology in their favor to create solutions that facilitate the management of all internal and external processes, they use tools to sell products online, take proper control of their inventory, accounting, management of payroll, billing, promotion and marketing digitally, among many other variables.

This is where software development comes into play. A software is defined to a set of operations, techniques and systems that allow to solve a problem or cover a need of a company in general.

When developing a software, many people intervene, such as the customer who is the one who has the problem in their company and wants it solved, for this there is the System Analyst who oversees making all the requirements and needs the client has. The programmers, who are the people in charge of carrying out the coding and designing of the system and then test it and install it to the client.

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    Developing software has several stages, the cascade model being one of the most common. At ROC Worldwide Agency we use an incremental model that is nothing more than the cascade model replicated in iterations that allows our clients to see the progress throughout the development of their system or project, allowing each iteration to be made with corresponding adjustments to continue advancing in the project, in each stage, the client can see a prototype of the application, ask questions and evaluate based on the operation and the results that are desired. The incremental model has the same stages as the waterfall model.


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    At ROC WWA, we create agreements with our clients, manuals of use, technicians and a complete specification of requirements are given, as well as sketches, UML universal modeling diagrams and a developed system that meets all the needs that must be covered All with the standards of usability and user experience for clients using web development protocols, security and programming rules.

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    We develop applications according to your needs and follow a standard layered software development.

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