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A Marketplace is a web platform that allows, in a simple and convenient way, to buy and sell items on the internet. Through a Marketplace platform, the supplier users can publish the articles or services they wish to sell, while the buyers can search for the products or services they wish to purchase. In other words, a Marketplace is an ecommerce platform that allows you to sell both products and services online.

Thanks to the enormous flexibility and applications that Marketplace platforms offer, many companies have started to implement their activity in the electronic world using web portals to disseminate information primarily about your company and its products.

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    The custom Marketplace is one that is designed according to the user, the company and their way of working. That is, it seeks to satisfy all needs and adapt as best as possible to what a company needs. If you are interested in eCommerce, we can help you develop your customized marketplace according to the market you want to address.


    People who are starting out in electronic commerce are very interested, since it is evolving by leaps and bounds every day, due to advances in the Internet infrastructure and the increase in the use of smart devices. It is estimated that in the year 2018, 50% of the benefits of electronic commerce will come from smartphones.

    If until now it was enough to have a website for online sales, now it is very important to be present and active on the platforms and devices that are being used to make those virtual purchases. For people who have their own e-commerce store, being in a marketplace is a very interesting option, it is an excellent way to submit your products to a market test.

    The Marketplace will dominate the market

    The marketplaces will dominate the market since even the brands or stores with online presence will look for these groups to enter new markets or strengthen their presence, traffic, relevance and sales volume.

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    There are numerous reasons to sell products in the Marketplaces. In fact, this can be a good distribution channel.

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    At ROCWWA we specialize in the development of marketplace platforms for both products and services. We have designed different marketplaces for different types of industries. If you are interested in learning more about our platform marketing development service, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.

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